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We work with growing companies, translating your business objectives into effective communications that attract the right clients. Our insights and strategies can help you develop a brand presence that is distinctive, authentic and engaging.

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"The Aahilley Group was incorporated back in 2009, and the brand was just a lovely little logo we had a friend design.   When the time came to expand the business, we realized that The Aahilley Group didn’t have an identity – there was just a pretty logo. Purple Moon and the Creating Your True Brand workshop made us THINK about where we wanted to go with the business, and how to go about doing it.   Though it was tough squeezing the time in and making schedules work, Kim Speed came up with a fantastic brand guideline for TAG – The Aahilley Group – and managed the execution into the website and social media.   Our brand guideline document is front and center whenever we’re building proposals for our clients. Our company is our brand now.   We are very excited about growing it globally."cJacquie Luscombe, The Aahilley Group

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