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Branding on a Shoestring

Book by Kim Speed


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Are you one of the more than 13 million self-employed business owners in North America?

Employees are leaving their corporate jobs and starting their own businesses at an increasingly rapid rate. To be successful, you need to stand out and differentiate yourself. But how? You need a brand plan! Without this effective tool, a business owner can waste so much time and money trying to market, with little or no response. A brand is more than just a logo and a tagline; a brand is who you are and what you believe in. It’s what your clients or customers are saying about you when you’re not there. Your brand is your reputation.

If you are one of the millions of startups or existing small businesses begging for attention from your prospects and trying to build a clientele of raving fans, brand development should be on the top of your to-do list.

Learn How…

You must build a brand that is authentic to who you really are, one that allows you to connect with the clients who will value you and your work and pay you what you are worth. Gain insights to help you hire and work with graphic designers and/or web developers to produce the professional marketing materials you need to attract your specific audience. Get tips and brand advice from fellow entrepreneurs and experts in marketing, social media, web development, business consulting, and funding.

In These Pages, You Will Uncover…

Get brand clarity and confidence so you can start charging what you’re worth, the rate that truly reflects your value.

  • How to attain a clear vision and why it’s critical to your success
  • How to become visible to and sought out by your ideal clients
  • How the brand values of your organization can help you determine where you spend your time and money
  • How to differentiate your brand and stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • Why creating a voice for your company makes it easy for you to develop your communications, marketing, and website materials
  • What kind of marketing you can do with little or no budget
  • How having a consistent brand can make you an expert in your industry
  • How to develop a brand story that will help you talk to your clients and get them to take action
  • How to give your business a brand assessment
  • How to strengthen your internal team and make them your greatest brand ambassadors
  • How to create customer loyalty and close sales with ease


Branding on a Shoestring books

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