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Creating Your True Brand Workshop


“Branding the organization is inevitable…
Simply by virtue of existing and interaction with others, the organization is branding itself.
Therefore, branding is going to happen whether the process is managed or not.
The choice is only whether to approach the brand proactively, or ignore and deny it and hope that the issue goes away.”

Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D., Blumenthal on Branding

Do you struggle to connect with the right customers?

Do you want customers who value you and look beyond the price of your products or services?

Do you want to stand out from the competition?


How can your company benefit by creating a true brand?

  1. Get focus on how to market your brand
  2. Align with the right customers
  3. Overcome concerns on pricing
  4. Communicate your company message
  5. Find your position in the marketplace and become more visible to your target customer
  6. Help you develop consistent marketing communications
  7. Differentiate your brand, stand our from your competitors

In this workshop you will discover:

What makes your brand different and unique
Your Brand Values
Your Customer Profile
How to talk confidently about your company

This is a great company team building exercise

Includes a customer survey

Get feedback from what your current customers think of your company

Assessment of your brand logo, website and current marketing pieces.

Find out more about Creating Your True Brand Workshop and how your company can benefit.

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